Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Audition Plans

We're going to be making our audition video fairly closely to the cut off date. This is because I want to have an established Blog, Twitter and Instagram first.  Then we can refer to these in our audition process and add the links to the video, for that extra little insight into our (insert sarcastic voice here), fantastically exciting, insipiring lives..

How great is this vintage camera??
In all seriousness deciding on what is going to be in the audition video has been sending me crazy!!  I've looked at what some of the last contestants put in their videos..
I've told Kris that it looks like we'll just have to dance in our audition video..that didn't go down so well :) a jib jab video is as close as we'll get to that!!  Or I told him I was going to start secretely filming him so I can capture the moment when he busts out in a dance haha..
We're definitely not conservative and boring, I think we can be quite funny and we bounce off each other really well.  We'll certainly make good telly and to renovate a house while we're at it would be amazeballs!!

Who has ideas for our audition video??

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