Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amazing Design Idea

Brittany Groundhouse

This design was featured on Grand Designs UK years ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my head..I found it amazing then and still think it's amazing now.  The Brittany Groundhouse is just outside Balleroy, France.

There are so many aspects to this house that draw me to it, particularly the fact that it is a one of a kind, solar eco house that is set in organic gardens (DREAM HOUSE!!)

What you see above is a recycled glass wall which separates the lounge and bathroom.  When they were constructing this Kris and I were thinking 'what the hell??'  It looked so messy and rough, what were they thinking??  But then as the episode continued and the final result came out we were absolutely amazed.  The reason for the wall is to let in natural light and apparently it provides a stunning light towards evening.  They have a few bottles scattered above doorways through the house itself which I think is a little overkill.  I would love to emulate something like this in my own house, maybe even in an outdoor area..

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